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Heading towards Venice, at only 20-minutes’ drive, after crossing the Tagliamento river, you can visit Concordia Sagittaria, renowned for its Roman origins and rich in ancient remains dating back to the time of the Roman Empire. From Piazza Cardinal Costantini, dominated by the Cathedral monumental complex, in a few minutes’ walk you can reach the thermal area and the Roman walls.

From Concordia Sagittaria you reach Portogruaro, a beautiful town on the banks of the Lemene river, where you can stroll along the streets of the center, in a very relaxing atmosphere, among small bridges and mills still in operation. There you can grasp the opportunity offered by the numerous shops and indulge in shopping.

Heading back towards the Friuli, you can stop on the beaches of Bibione, a renowned touristic resort offering any kind of entertainment, and where, thanks to the presence of extremely large beaches, few years ago special paths for Quods have been created, dedicated to motor lovers.

Still heading back towards Palazzolo dello Stella, via Precenicco, motor amateurs can stop at the Friuli Venezia Giulia International Circuit, in the “Hierschel Valley”, a green oasis spanning 180,00 sqm and hosting a kart track covering an area of 34,000 sqm. There you can rent a go-kart or the track only, and race with go-karts, cars, motards and scooters.