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Unquestionably one of the symbols of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Aquileia is a not-to-be-missed highlight for all Roman art lovers. Founded in 181 b.C., this town saw its heydeys under Emperor Cesar, who turned it into one of the Empire’s richest towns, ranking second only after Rome.

Aquileia hosts numerous remains which date back to Roman time and later periods. The most impressive building is the Basilica Complex, featuring an invaluable 5th century mosaic floor. Another not-to-be-missed highlight is the Roman Forum, which has always been the noblest part of Roman towns, located right at the center.

Heading on towards the sea, 12 kilometers from Aquileia, you can visit Grado, the isle of the sun. Founded concurrently with Aquileia – and developing with it - Grado has always been an important access to the sea for the Friuli region. Made up of a large number of islands, Grado has become a very renowned Mitteleuropa sea resort and is very much beloved also today.